Helping business owners leverage their expertise through highly profitable online courses and strategically designed sales funnels.
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What We Do

We help entrepreneurs productize their expertise by turning their knowledge, skills, and experience into a scaleable online course. Whether you’re already selling courses (and need some help taking it to the next level)… or you’re just beginning to dream about the lifestyle, freedom and money a leverageable online course can create… we’re here to help.


Megan Harrison is the owner of Megan Harrison Consulting, a digital agency that specializes in online course design, development, and launch strategy, helping entrepreneurs transform their expertise into highly profitable online courses.

She’s worked with organizations and entrepreneurs across a very wide range of industries, scale their business by expanding their product and service offerings into the digital world.

Throughout the years, she’s cracked the code and knows what it takes to consistently create successful online courses that achieve big results for both the student and the teacher.

She’s passionate about helping business owners create leveraged income by productizing their service based businesses so they can finally stop trading time for money.

(Oh, and she’s also an Infusionsoft and Memberium Certified Partner and a self-proclaimed “learning junkie” – You’re in good hands).

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